Xiamen Donggang Group Co., Ltd. "Smart Home System"

One-click Random Remote Control of Home Appliances

Xiamen Donggang Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, and gradually developed into a comprehensive modern high-tech company integrating mining, international logistics, trade, international express and e-commerce logistics. The company focuses on photovoltaic systems, charging piles, new energy systems and large data platforms, Internet of Things smart cities, smart homes, smart automation systems and product development and design, manufacturing and sales. At present, it has obtained more than 20 patents for inventions and practical new models, and has completed the certification of high-tech enterprises.


In hot summer, when you park in the underground garage and press your cell phone, the air conditioning in your home can be opened in advance; after dinner, just take out the cell phone and press the button, the curtain will be automatically closed, the lights will be automatically dimmed, so that the home will immediately "transform" into a cinema; where is the soil water in the greenhouse where vegetables are grown? If you take out your mobile phone and press it, the irrigation sprinkler will spray to that place automatically.

Perhaps in the past, such a magical scene can only be seen on the screen or in books. Today, however, all this has become a reality. The smart home system developed and designed by Xiamen Donggang Group Co., Ltd. can simply operate all of this.

What is smart home system? Li Yanquan, chairman of Xiamen Donggang Group Co., Ltd., introduced to reporters that the smart home system, also known as "home electronic automatic nanny", includes intelligent household appliances control, intelligent dimming, lighting control, electric curtain control, anti-theft alarm, face recognition, entrance guard dialogue, gas leakage, formaldehyde, temperature and humidity, and so on. Carbon dioxide and other environmental monitoring functions.

Simply put, the smart home system can control the lighting, appliances and other electrical equipment at home anywhere through mobile phones; at the same time, the smart panel in the home can judge the indoor air content and temperature according to the environmental monitoring of formaldehyde, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and so on, and then automatically issue instructions to notify the air purifier, or Fans and other equipment are opened to increase indoor circulation.

The basic goal of smart home is to provide a comfortable, safe, convenient, fast and efficient living environment for people. Its control mode is rich and varied, including local control, centralized control, mobile phone remote control, human body induction control, network control, timing automatic control and so on. Its intention is to let people get rid of tedious affairs and improve efficiency.

Li Yanquan told reporters that he regards his home as a laboratory. As long as the company develops new products, he will take them home for testing at the first time. At the 17th China Strait Project Achievement Fair on June 18 this year, the third generation smart voice color screen touch panel newly developed by Donggang Group will also be on the market. S9610035

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